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सकल (सम्पुर्ण, सब) पूरा, कुल, बिलकुल, पूरी तरह से, निपट, भी (ही), सब कुछ, पूरा, ब्रह्याण्ड
entire, everyone, of the whole number
1. (Adjective) entire, everyone, of the whole number
2. (Adverb) altogether, wholly, entirely
3. (Noun) the totol, everything, the universe

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Similar Words:
  • A drunkard is qualified for all vices
  • All and sundry
  • All become wiser after wiser after the event
  • All cats love fish but fear to wet their paws
  • All cobblers go barefoot

  • Above all
  • All along
  • All and some
  • All and sundry
  • All at once

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